Liz Fernando is a photographer whose work finds its roots in conceptual research. Her research though at a personal as well as academic level into the role of photography highlights the different meanings that photography, inhabits, often dealing with the notions of memory wherein the personal archive inhabits a fundamental space, both aesthetically and practically within non-western cultures.

She describes her practise as:
‘The scientific, almost forensic search for the boundaries of the understanding and interpretation of
photography, the fusion of anthropological questions and modern photographic techniques as a tool to
explore wider issues such as cultural difference, cultural inheritance, belonging and identity’.

In 2011 she
graduated from the prestigious LCC BA Photography programme at the University of Arts, London.

2012 she was selected as winner for the Worldbank South Asian contest.
Several selected photographs taken from her award-winning work “Trincomalee – My father’s
stories and the lost photographs” were acquired by the World Bank in Washington D.C for its permanent

Her work continues to receive critical praise from influential editors and curators and is
currently featured in numerous private collections

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