Imprint of Lovers

Solo Show | Theertha International Artists Collective | Red Dot Gallery |

|Colombo |2015


* Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, UK,  2015

* Pix Magazine ‘Embody’ Issue, 2015

* Ganges Art Gallery, Calcutta, India, 2018


When lovers leave, nothing but light is left behind. Yearning bodies unfold between these naked walls, drowning the space with memories and filling the air with a breathless touch of intimacy. And yet, even their absence is so powerful that their presence remains within me.
The Imprint of Lovers is a personal reflection on the perception of sexuality in a South Asian context. This piece of work looks into the understanding of intimate emotions of young lovers, who are often faced with no choice but to meet in an extremely impersonal space, specifically a budget hotel room that can be rented by the hour. The thought is not unheard of, and lovers are well aware of it as they even risk the possibility of arbitrary police raids.
Intimacy is not intimate unless the setting has been made to be so, and the concept, when explored in a contemporary yet conservative South Asian environment, tells the story of an unbearable dramatic and melancholic catharsis that culminates in me in a destructive longing to have a presence.